The best coding experience I've ever had
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I can’t really tell in which mood I am. To be honest it’s like being in trance for the last 3 days. I woke up wanting to code on my project, I ate thinking about how I want things to be and I fell asleep reasoning on how I will implement my features the next day. I never felt this way about developing apps and I think I finally discovered why. I’m using great tools. At the office, I was selected to kickstart our new product that uses text messages. Fair enough, I never did this before but with the...

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Yay! I have a blog!
first elixir


Ah, finally. I wanted to start a blog for a year. I tried a lot of things. And I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted in the end. I knew I wanted a website where I can show off things and have my own personal website. As a developer, I also wanted to write some code and not use an all-in-one setup. I tried Medium, which I love for reading posts. The editor is pretty interesting, pretty neat and slick. It doesn’t have a bunch load of undesired features that bloats the interface. But the fact that the posts are...

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