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Handling Password Manager in Elm

elm password manager functional

I've been running my Meep app for a couple years now and logging all my board games game into it. It has worked fine but one thing was constantly annoying me; I couldn't use 1Password with it. Actually, I could, but I needed to enter each field and add space then remove it to trigger the message dispatch, pretty annoying. Then I saw a friend of mine trying to register with its password manager and failed and I thought, alright, enough.

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So I built a smart mirror using Elixir

phoenix elixir liveview smart mirror

A couple of years ago I heard about this thing called a "Smart Mirror". Lots of geeks online were building those by putting a PC monitor in a frame, setting up MagicMirror on a Pi, and voilà. I found the project interesting but my lack of "money" kept me back. Now I don't have that much more money, but I do have a monitor that I won't be using anymore, a Raspberry Pi, and a father that is used to woodworking.

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The best coding experience I ever had

phoenix elixir liveview

I can't really tell in which mood I am. To be honest it's like being in trance for the last 3 days. I woke up wanting to code on my project, I ate thinking about how I want things to be and I fell asleep reasoning on how I will implement my features the next day. I never felt this way about developing apps and I think I finally discovered why. I'm using great tools.

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Yay, I have a blog

phoenix first

Ah, finally. I wanted to start a blog for a year. I tried a lot of things. And I wasn't completely sure what I wanted in the end. I knew I wanted a website where I can show off things and have my own personal website. As a developer, I also wanted to write some code and not use an all-in-one setup.

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